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the “new” Storytown “features”?

Part of me is glad they restored some of these relics but part of me finds it really shameful that these relics have been relegated to a roadside attraction to the train ride.

SOURCE: Theme Park Review

4 thoughts on “the “new” Storytown “features”?

  1. I sent this ~2 years ago, (when the restored features had just opened) to Great Escape Guest Relations, and got a positive note back:

    My family began visiting “Storytown USA” back in the late 60’s. I live in the Philly area now, but was feeling nostalgic and started looking into the status of the “Great Escape”.
    I was pleased to read that there has been some effort in reintroducing/refurbishing some of the original features of Storytown USA. I applaud this effort, and hope it expands. I think the park should reclaim it’s place as a great piece of Americana, and could help bring families back to the park to share w/ their kids

    • that was real swell of you to send that to them. i hope it expands also!!! i’d love to see the old ghost town come alive again, with the train, etc. that was always my favorite section. i guess because it reminded me of little house on the prairie (^_^)

  2. I live only three hours from there. I seriously have to make an effort to get up there this summer and take some photos. Thanks for sharing these. If I get up there, I’ll send you pix and video. Looking at my calendar now…

  3. i hope you do! ..since its a three hour drive, you may want to call ahead or check the great escape website to make sure the walk-throughs are open.. i’ve read on different trip reports (from different years) that in some cases the walk-throughs were closed to the public for whatever reason. personally i find the walk-throughs alone worth the trip, for nostalgic purposes of course 🙂

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