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Vintage Photos 1971

SOURCE: panoramio.com/user/4721440

7 thoughts on “Vintage Photos 1971

  1. That Jungle Land photo is great – midday in beautiful upstate NY. And the Flying Carpet ride.
    Everything seemed so spread out and pastoral, they didn’t try to cram too much into the landscape.

  2. Oh, sweet pictures! I miss that dragon — I didn’t go there until 1974, but I distinctly remember that. What I don’t remember is the Skyride. Was that there for the whole time or might it have been taken out?

  3. During the summer of 1970 I was a ride operator. I mostly assisted with the Merry-Go-Round because the old guy who ran it liked me. I also drove the Dragon. What a boring ride to drive all day. It would over heat and I’d have to stop half way around and put water in the radiator. I also operated The Whip and on occasion drive the miniature locomotive and work the gas powered cars. I don’t remember the Sky Ride or the Ferris Wheel. It was the most fun job I ever had.

  4. I also vividly recall getting locked in the Old Woman’s Shoe. The door closed and some it locked and I was trapped in the darn thing…back then it was dark inside and pretty scary for a 6 0r 7 year old kid.

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