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Chipper’s Magical Mystery Ride

Chipper’s Magical Mystery ride was an indoor scrambler, part of Storytown USA since (at least) the early seventies. It was one of the most popular rides up until it’s closure in the early 2000’s.

At some point, the bright cheerful yellow was painted a dark murky green. When the ride was closed down, the sign was removed and the inside gutted, but the dome remains to this day (as far as I know).

For whatever reason, Chipper’s scrambler was removed from it’s dome, repainted, re-themed, and given a new name. The Blizzard, the outdoor scrambler.

Someone on youtube posted a video combining both old and new footage from Storytown USA featuring the strobe lights and enchanting darkness of the indoor scrambler, Chipper’s Magical Mystery ride. Finally this popular ride can be revisited, if only in imagination.

SOURCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D2OD3u0_l0
SOURCE: themeparkreview.com

12 thoughts on “Chipper’s Magical Mystery Ride

    • Mine too! Judging from the lines it always had, I’d say everyone felt this way. It was foolish to get rid of that ride. I am curious to know the reasons behind it..

  1. Wow. I don’t remember that or going on it, but my parents didn’t tend to take me on things that were dark and scary until I got older, so it would make sense. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Scramblers now. Too bad it’s gone. One in the dark would be awesome! Thanks for posting this vid. It just about made me cry, especially to see the little kid going for a ride in the pumpkin. That was one of my favorite attractions.

    • It WAS awesome. The line was always at least a 30 minute wait, all the time. I think my friend and I rode it twice in a row. We just got right back in line. It was also really cool inside, so it always felt great even when it was really hot outside. Funny you should mention the pumpkin. I read that they no longer have the pumpkin rides. Which is fine with me because I’m a crazy animal rights person and don’t approve of animals being used in amusement parks. They actually got rid of the petting zoo too.. I don’t know the reasoning behind any of that though. But the pumpkin seemed harmless enough. Maybe they weren’t getting enough youngsters wanting to ride it.

  2. I remember not going on this for years wondering what was inside. Imagine my surprise when I found out that I was missing out on an awesome indoor scrambler the whole time! It became one of my favorites and it’s a damn shame they moved it outside.


  4. It’s true: it’s back! Named “The Blizzard,” the dome has been painted to resemble an igloo. The light show is not as good as it was (where’s the strobe effect?), and I didn’t care for the music (current Pop), but the speed has been tweaked so it’s a VERY FAST scrambler! I thought we’d fly off it!

  5. growing up i always went on that ride every year we went then when i was old enough to go with my wife and i told her how awesome this ride is and to my disappointment it was already closed down and that was the last time i ever went back to that park as it was transforming into something that it wasd not a “Great escape”

  6. As of summer 2013, the indoor scrambler is back! The dome is now painted white to resemble an igloo and is still called The Blizzard.

  7. Another comment: I recall for the original Chipper’s Mystery ride that people were great at keeping the “mystery.” First time in line, we literally had NO idea what was inside until we got in there. If anyone in line had been on it before, they weren’t spoiling the surprise. Now, people spoil it right off: “it’s a Scrambler.”

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