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Arabian Nights Flying Carpet Ride

The sky ride was added to Storytown in 1964. Now supposedly, the sky ride came from Palisades Park. However, the sky ride which originally operated at Palisades Park cannot be seen in any photos of Storytown USA. In fact, the only time I have seen the Palisades Park sky ride at Storytown USA is in the junk yard at The Great Escape.

The Skyride was purchased by Charlie Woods, former owner of The Great Escape (formerly Storytown, USA) in Lake George, NY. The ride was dismantled by O.D. Hopkins Associates, Inc., Contoocook, NH and shipped to Lake George where it was put in storage for over 25 years. I’m not sure where it is today.
(Source: Jerry Pendleton; former President & Owner of O.D. Hopkins Associates, Inc.)

original sky ride cabs in the Great Escape junk yard

original sky ride cabs in the Great Escape junk yard

So my question is, did the original sky ride from Palisades Park ever operate at Storytown USA or was it just kept in storage? Also, where did the sky ride that has been operating at Storytown/Great Escape all these years come from? If anyone has any answers to this mystery, please educate the rest of us.

From what I’ve been researching, the sky ride purchased from Palisades Park did not end up at Gaslight Village. Charley Wood often switched rides between Storytown and Gaslight Village. If anything turns up about this, I will update this page.

SOURCE: palisadespark.com

4 thoughts on “Arabian Nights Flying Carpet Ride

  1. Not sure exactly, but those sheave carriers look the same. I assume the ride it’s self is the one still in use, just with different towers and gondolas. As far as mechanically I think it’s probably the same ride. I could be wrong, I am just assuming based on the photos and the article.

    That ride is one that I refer to as one of my babies.

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