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Cul De Sac

Perhaps the most serene section of Storytown USA, prior to 2005, was the cul-de-sac leading into Jungle Land. I would stop there to get away from the crowds of people and take cigarette breaks. It had an unusual amount of privacy attached to it. I looked forward to going there. It was a beloved place. It was also a section from the original Storytown USA park which hadn’t been disturbed.

In 2005, I was stunned to discover the massive change to this area. It was completely renovated. At the helm, what was once the Little Red Schoolhouse, was now a “Ranger Station”. To it’s left, Jack and Jill who originally climbed their way to the top and fell down backwards repeatedly had been replaced with the “Krazy Bus” ride. Humpty Dumpty, Moby Dick, Po-Po the Purple Cow, Hickory Dickory Dock and the majestic Chapel were gone completely. Goldilocks and The Three Bears had been turned into “Granny’s Place”. Although the Jungle Land walk-through remained, it had been renamed “Rabbit Seasoning” and all the former Jungle Land animals had been replaced with Looney Tunes garb.

This was a major section of the original Storytown park. Now it was “The Looney Tunes National Park”. The idea itself wasn’t a bad one, but to trespass upon one of the original park’s staple areas disturbed me. As far as I’m concerned, Storytown USA officially died in 2005.

My problem with this renovation was that with all the land surrounding The Great Escape, certainly The Looney Tunes National Park could have been erected elsewhere.

This is my little tribute in pictures of the cul-de-sac. I refer to it as such because at some point, someone decided that the path ended at Jungle Land.

3 thoughts on “Cul De Sac

  1. I also loved the cul de sac which contained several of my favorite things when I was little, the schoolhouse, the church, Jack and Jill, the pink whale, and my favorite the Sleeping Beauty statue. This was the first to go when they built the high dive back in the late 60’s. Am I the only one to remember the alocove that contained this? Very glad to hear the whale and some of the other pieces of “Storytown” have returned. All the removed pieces should be restored to the train ride as a reminder of a more innocent time.

  2. Every year my extended family would travel to this park. It was the highlight of the summer as I would get to see all my cousins which were around the same age. We all lived miles apart in different states. We would get a picture of all the kids on the purple cow… until one year. ..The cow was gone. I actually think it was pink one year and we just refused to sit on it lol. Some of my favorite childhood memories are running through Wonderland, the old woman’s shoe home and the bridges of jungle land. Today as an 30 year old. ..I see how “cheesy” the Park is. … but how amazing it was through the eyes of a child. Thanks for the memories. I was looking through some of my own pictures and decided to search the “purple cow”and found your website.

  3. Некоторыми они были классифицированы как пост-рок -коллектив, но Джонс возражает против этого термина. Он заявляет, что Cul de Sac — максимально «удовлетворяющая в музыкальном плане» группа, с которой он был когда-либо связан; группа, которая является «самой близкой к той стилистике, о которой он мечтал. Это позволяет мне комбинировать свою любовь к открыто настроенной гитаре, игре пальцами, с моей любовью к электронике и шуму, все помещенные в пределы ритмичной рок структуры».

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