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Park Reviews 2007

A collection of reviews posted by patrons of Six Flags Great Escape.

“Poor Storytown. Look at what it’s become. What a shame.” – Orville; July 12, 2007

“We bought tickets for Great Escape from our credit union, $24 each for my daughter and her boyfriend to go. They took the trolley from downtown Glens Falls for $1 each. We thought we had the way to save a lot of money. Then it came to them trying to eat – that costs a small fortune. They also rented a locker at Splashwater Kingdom $17 for a medium locker so no one would steal their things! When Charlie Wood built Storytown, it was so that families would have a place to go and it wouldn’t cost a lot. Why do I have the feeling that Mr. Wood is spinning in his grave?” – Terry Kempf; July 13, 2007

“Charlie Wood (God rest his soul) must be spinning. He knew how to create the family vibe, and as understand, was sought by Walt Disney for advice on many occations. Charlie Wood cared about people including locals. Six Flags? They would do better if they knew better. they DO NOT. They care only about money and its too bad for them that they arent very good at it either. I think its hardest for those of us whom are old enough to recall the StoryTown USA days and when Mr. Wood still owned the Great Escape.” – civil savant; July 11, 2007

“I thought the same thing about the hotel/waterpark. They only let the patrons of the hotel use the indoor park and I thought at the time, “This place will die faster than Krispy Kreme.” I don’t know who is at the helm of this ripoff, but I hope they see these comments. Charlie Wood was “THE” man. These people in charge nowadays only want a bigger boat in their 4th garage.” – redstar; July 11, 2007

“I actually do visit the park on a regular basis. I take my son-in-law there all the time. Coming from a person who has went multiple times per season since the early 1980’s, the park has drastically changed for the worse. Most of the time the parks rides are shut, you cant understand half the workers, and the park just has too much of a corporate feel to it. The park already lacks thrills – yet my cousin is a manager there, and took me inside the Nightmare Coaster building, and sure enough.. the ride is gone other then bags of stuffed toys. Its ashame too. The park has so much potential, and its wasted. Id much rather go to Six Flags in Mass.. they cater to EVERYONE. A park should have balance, and TGE lacks that.” – Jason; Aug 6, 2007

“WOW…I was totally amazed that you have to pay for parking now. Needless to say, I haven’t been to the Great Escape in many years, as I now live in Missouri, but in the past, when we took our kids, it was a fun place to go for the day, and gradually over the years it became a chore to even get through the front gates, then standing in line in the hot sun to get on a 2 minute ride. For the kids it’s fun, but for older adults, it’s a tiring process, espically walking up the many hills to get from one attraction to another. I remember the “Good Old Days” of Storytown. Sherriff Windy Bill McKay, I still love you! Oh, I have never been to Six Flags out here, and from what I hear, no future plans to go either. Have a nice day. ” – Pat; Aug 6, 2007

“TO BE FAIR TO EVERYBODY it seems to me that those of us whom are old enough to recall the days when Charlie Wood ran the show, instead of a faceless corporation, are the ones whom have a problem w/ the way the park is now. I think as a corporation, 6 flags would just as soon alienate those of us who do recall the days of Storytown and TGE when Charlie ran things. If you don’t remember or weren’t old enough to remember what it was like back in the day, you have no frame of refference to compare it. Thats why the youngsters here think its great and us oldtimers are resentful of paying more for far less even in this day and age. ” – Jazzman; Aug 5, 2007

“When Charlie Wood owned Storytown it was more family oriented and a fun place to go. Now all the park is about is how much money they can bring in, no matter how many corners they have to cut or how many families they hurt financially along the way. ” – Kay; Jul 20, 2007

“I can remember Storytown when it was the place to go as a family. Nowadays it is geared for the teenager who gets dropped off to get with buddies and run all over. Many parents and more grandparents can’t even go on some rides for whatever reason. My husband because he is so tall cannot fit in some rides………yet everybody must pay the full price to go in. There should be a cap on how many are even allowed into the park so you don’t wait hours to get on a 30 second ride! We have not gone for several years even though our kids ask because of the extremely high prices, the fee for parking, the fact that you cannot bring in a cooler,and the overall lack of feeling for family. ” – Family Oriented; Jul 20, 2007

“I’ve lived in the area my whole life and looked forward to going to storytown as a child, and went to the great escape this past weekend-what a disappointment. a lot of the rides were not operational. my old favorite jungleland is basically nothing now, some bridges with a daffy duck??? it seems the park has alienated the locals-there are so many people around here who need jobs but they have opted to hire out of the country. and the price is so bad-10 bucks for parking plus 39.99 admission, plus overpriced food-need to mortgage your home to afford to go there!!! the one thing that hasnt changed is Marshall Windy Bill. thank goodness for him. ” – miss the old storytown wrote; Jul 20, 2007

“Six Flags” Has honestly ruined our beloved “Story Town/ Great Escape”! We Need to Boycott This Company Giant that Seems to care about nobody but themselves and line their pockets with green! Locals? “Six Flags” Doesn’t care about the locals. Trust me! All They care about is the out of towners we call tourists. Did you know that “Six Flags” were going to charge mentally handicap adults and children full price and also charge them to park their state vans!!?? Outrageous! That would really tick off Mr. Wood. Charlie cared about this park with all of his heart! And he cared about the local folks and families. He fought hard every year to keep prices down on admission and food. Back then, you could bring food and drinks in. The service was much, much better from employees then. Charlie made sure all employees knew the importance of every Guest!! ” – Complete Mess; Jul 19, 2007

“Storytown was Great. When Charlie Wood owned it was something proud and made an impact to the community. Now that Six flags owns it, “It is a disgrace.” Six Flags feels they are running a mini WDW. I am sorry but it will never be a WDW. Paying to Park sums up what Lake George Area has become!! ” – Mickey; Jul 19, 2007

“Very sad to see how the “Great Escape” Has become so “broken down” in many, many ways over the years. I am A Former employee who worked in the park some 18 years ago, and spent 3 great seasons as A proud “Local” Rides Operator. Back Then, We took alot of pride in what we did, and what went on when the park was in operation. The staff was all local that I can remember, and it seemed that everyone cared about our visitors. It was A Great 3 summers that I will always remember with A very warm feeling. It really seemed as if we were all just one big “Family”. One man who made that all possible was Charlie Wood. Since Six Flags has taken over, the park has headed straight down! Mr. Wood would be sick if he was to see the park in it’s current state! ” – Former Employee!; Jul 18, 2007

“Growing up as a child, Storytown/Great Escape was all we use to look forward to. We could not sleep nights just knowing that we would be going there. If Mr Wood could see his park now, he would most definetly pay any price to get it back and make it what it once was. I have only purchased a season pass once (1st year), and would never again. It’s much worth the price to travel out of the area and see a real family park somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for supporting local businesses, but I don’t feel the support of the Great Escape for the community. Hopefully, someone from the Great Escape is monitoring this and realizes that CHANGES are needed. Good luck to the new person in charge. ” X (non) Great Escap’r; Jul 18, 2007

“to get in and park and buy food/drinks is this hassle really worth it? We have not bought season passes the last two years because you pay a lot and get very little!! Def. not the “storytown” from child hood—bigger is NOT better in the case of this park and the “changes” made since six flags took over. ” and for the price you pay; Jul 18, 2007

“I have been disappointed with Great Escape since the day it became “The Great Escape”. Charlie wood was so proud of the place and always had children in his mind. It has changed so much over the last 15 years that it is not a fun place anymore. More than 1/2 of the attractions are not attracting and the price to get in is outrageous. The rides don’t work, they are short, and yet your still paying the full shot for things you can’t do. It is dirty, the workers are rude, and it isn’t family oriented anymore. The “Bathing Beauties” parade through the park barely wearing anything, with small children everywhere…what happened to good old family outings. ” Storytown Fan; Jul 18, 2007

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