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Chipper’s Magical Mystery Ride

Park Section: Fest Area
Year Opened: 1971
Status: Closed

To see a video of this ride, as well as screen captures, please see this post dedicated to the ride..

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5 thoughts on “Chipper’s Magical Mystery Ride

  1. I wanted to go on this ride so bad when I was five years old in 1976, I have to say it, it was great but scary..I miss this place

  2. I was trying to remember this park — my parents took us here when Dad was visiting old Army buddies in upstate NY. All I remembered was the fairy tale/story theme, and could only find this page & the information on the Land of Makebelieve…but seeing this pic clinched it.

    The Magical Mystery Ride was basically a Scrambler (or a small roller coaster, but I might be confusing it with another park) with strobe & disco lights flashing inside the dome, if I remember right.

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