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“Float majestically over a land of fantasy on the Arabian Nights Flying Carpet Ride. Climb aboard Old 99 Locomotive for a twisty train ride. Drive a sports car over the Storytown Turnpike. Sit astride the animal of your choice on an 1800 Carousel. Ride Danny the Dragon as he slithers through a land of many more exciting rides.”

“A typical 1800 mining town where you’ll see a thrilling $50,000 bank robber, a daring jail break, the Marshal riding into an outlaw ambush, and a rip-roaring gunfight on the Main Street. These, and many other thrilling events which include a stage show, produced in the full color of the 1800 period, run continuously throughout the day.

Stop in the old saloon for a visit with the bartender Dan McGrew, and a refreshing soft drink. Visit the many authentically furnished 1800 buildings-the Drug Store, Barber Shop, Post Office, General Store, Carriage Shed and others.

RIDE THE UNUSUAL OLD REPLICA ore train into the hills through the tunnel of chills and thrills. The mine tunnel at the end of Main Street contains a beautiful display of fluorescent minerals, and in the nearby miner’s shack is a superb collection of minerals from the world over.”

“International Village opened in 1977, a $1.25 million project with fifteen shops that sold everything from park souvenirs to $30,000 Tiffany lamps. Resembling a small European village, the area featured more than $100,000 in decorative items, such as streetlamps, stained-glass windows, gargoyles, and cast-iron benches. Anchoring the area is an italian bronze boar sculpture that Wood purchased on one of his travels.”

“Take your own Safari through the thick, Spanish Moss covered undergrowth, over floating bridges and along a narrow trail filled with the sights, sounds and thrills of the mysterious jungle.”

“We are none too old to have forgotten the pleasures of childhood…a battered Teddy Bear…a candy treat…the never to be forgotten Fairy Tales and legends of Mother Goose.

Childhood dreams come true just four short miles from Lake George at delightful, fantasy-filled Storytown, U.S.A. Here in Mother Goose Land are all the scenes from every child’s cherised storybook, all the realities of fairyland come true, to see, to touch, to talk to.

Children of every age will thrill to speak to Little Bo Peep, to walk through the Merry Miller’s Mill, to actually ride in Cinderella’s Coach, the Swan Boats on the River Dee or the Storytown Express Train. Here, too; are Three Men in a Tub, the Little Red Hen, Big Bad Wolf, Little Miss Muffet, Moby Dick, the Three Bears…and dozens of other fairytale wonders to light a child’s face and make his heart beat quicker.”

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