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Ghost Town

“He added a new area for the 1957 season: Ghost Town. Modeled after an early American mining community, Ghost Town featured several Old West buildings, such as a blacksmith shop, livery stable, and saloon. The area was filled with live entertainment- dancing girls in the saloon, the Medicine Wagon Show, and gunfights on the street -as well as a stagecoach, surrey, burro train, and a mine tunnel linking Ghost Town to the storybook area. The main ride was the half-mile-long Ghost Town Train, built by Arrow Development, which had just established itself as a major force in the industry by providing many of Disneyland’s rides. Overseeing the town was Marshal Wild Windy Bill McKay.”

in 2003, the Ghost Town Train and Tornado dark ride were removed to make room for the Canyon Blaster roller coaster. Although it fits well with the Ghost Town theme.. I’m sure they could have made room behind the Desperado Plunge for this. If memory serves (which I hope it does in this case), it would also make more sense in terms of aesthetics when you consider behind the Desperado Plunge, there was the actual Ghost Town buildings which could be seen from the train ride. Why not shove the coaster back there, keeping the Ghost Town train and Tornado dark ride where they were. Thus adding a new ride behind the Desperado Plunge and just expanding the Ghost Town section instead of removing and replacing rides.

One thought on “Ghost Town

  1. Hi There… Does anyone know what ever happened to the #9 train? I just purchased one exactly like it and plan to restore it. I was just wondering if it is the actual train that was at Storytown USA, or a sister train. My train is the exact same colors and all.

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