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site name: Storytown USA; a retrospective
site date: 2006 – 2013

October 24, 2006
In a dream I saw the park stripped down to bare bones. What was left of the Desperado Plunge was nothing but the slide embedded on a bare hill. Everything around it had been removed and destroyed. The park itself had been vacuumed of all rides, concession stands, flowers, forestry and color. The land was grey. The only remains were all the pretty little houses and original Storytown structures sporadically spread throughout the park, in black and white like an old faded photograph. The park was abandoned.

My dream was an unconscious urban exploration. I awoke sad and mournful. But relieved. Because I’d rather have the park dwindle down into decay and ruins then watch it morph into nothing but a site for commercialism and profit.

Like many before me, Storytown U.S.A. was a minor sect of my childhood. It has become nostalgic like so many other places. Perhaps it’s a sign of aging when you shudder at changes made to a place for the sake of keeping up with new generations.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, my trip to The Great Escape in 2005 would be my last. As we walked up and over the hill, past the diving show.. we were floored upon realizing that the Looney Tunes National Park had replaced the familiar cul-de-sac I used to take comfort in when I needed breaking for a cigarette.

From that point on I walked around in a mournful state as I listened to my friend utter the horrendous words, “Now it’s a Six Flags park.”

I created this site after I had that dream, one of many about Storytown USA. I created it for my own enjoyment, so I would have a one stop location for articles and photos.

4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. My childhood happy place! Best time ever! Class trips! Then taking my own children! Charlie Wood was our very own Walt Disney and we were so lucky to have him right in our own backyard!!!

  2. I worked at “Storytown USA” in the 60’s highschool and college summers.Also one summer at Gaslight Village. Greatest experience of my earlier,life.I made great friends and learned a great deal about people.Story town and the people will always be a special memory for me.

  3. Best memories of our annual trips there in the 70’s. I remember in the mid 70’s a meteor was suppose to crash into the US and all the people working there wore hard hats. Strange thing to remember!

  4. My grandfather, William Powers, drove the stagecoach in Ghost Town. Every morning in the Summer, my uncle Lawrence would load two horses from the barn in the back of his truck, and take them up to the back entrance. I would often go along for the trip. I was about five. He would then come back and take my grandfather up, and late in the day, he would reverse the process.. Grandpa knew how to drive horses, but not a car.

    Charlie Wood wanted to adopt me, but my mother declined the offer.

    If there are any photos of my grandpa on the stagecoach, I would like to see them. bill.jameson@hotmail.com

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