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2007 photos

There are some really great shots of the old Storytown remnants, mixed in with some modern day scenery. Wonderful photos found at the Tourist Trap

Little Red Riding Hood.. this is kind of creepy. She is staring right at us.


One thought on “2007 photos

  1. In a bout of nostalgia in 2008 or ’09, my gf and I revisited The Great Escape to see what was left and not taken over by Six Flags and all of its corporate misering. Little Red here looked considerably worse, wearing white gloves with fingers apparently missing or very bent noticeable underneath. Her paintjob was looking much shabbier than here as well–it’s hard to keep straight in my mind which decay was where, but I want to think that her skintone was taking over a lot of her head. Such a shame to be able to physically witness your childhood being so mismanaged. At least there are photos of better times.

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