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Alice In Wonderland

00 alice in wonderland storytown usa postcard

“The Alice in Wonderland walk-through debuted on the train side of the brook in 1967. Children walked through the tiny door easily, but adults had to duck. Beyond the door was a hallway that became smaller until it ended in a room where Alice was discovered drinking tea from a gigantic teacup. The leafless tree appears to be real, but it was actually sculpted from cement. Alice’s story unfolded in a thicket beside a twisting path. Enormous toadstools sprung up from the ground. Flowers had human faces. The Cheshire Cat appeared in the branches of one tree, but only his smile appeared in the next. The Queen of Hearts directed a pack of madcap cards to find Alice and “cut off her head,” while poor Alice was stuck in the White Rabbit’s house.”

My favorite portion of what is left of Storytown USA. The Alice In Wonderland walk-through was added in 1965 detailing Alice’s bizarre adventures in Wonderland through the looking glass. I had always hoped that an appropriate themed ride would be placed behind the walk-through, or perhaps have the walk-through serve as the entrance to a new Alice themed ride.


4 thoughts on “Alice In Wonderland

  1. I was Alice in Wonderland at Storytown for a few months. I think it was 1970 or 1971. They opted to get a blond Alice later and then I worked on rides. Interesting summer!

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